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A12 breathes life into spaces, discovering untold tales and crafting new narratives with captivating images and innovative architectural design.

As a collective with presence in Melbourne, Auckland, and Bergen, we offer two interrelated services: Images and Architecture.

Discovering the untold within the defined: A12 excavates hidden moments within designed spaces, curating them into captivating illustrations and atmospheric compositions. We tell tales through images.

Crafting new narratives within the undefined: With keen discernment, A12 explores the unique potential of each undefined space, testing its boundaries, and shaping bold architectural spaces and moments. We write new stories in undefined spaces through architectural design.

Expanding thought: A12 is committed to pushing the frontiers of architectural thought. Our team of designers, architects, and creatives collaboratively delve into innovative concepts and possibilities, ensuring we remain at the forefront of design innovation. We are resolute in delivering optimal spatial solutions to our clients.

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