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Rwanda Chapel





Rukomo, Rwanda




This humble monument serves as a sacred gathering place, fostering profound connections and restoring a sense of oneness among the Rukomo community. Recognising the racial dissonance rooted in the scarred history of the Rwandan people, the chapel’s design seeks to bring disparate individuals together as one, directing their focus towards their common devotion before the divine presence.

Comprising three distinct spaces, the chapel invites various moments of contemplation. The central outdoor courtyard, surrounded by tiered seating, accommodates large community gatherings. It offers a space for organic fellowship and free-flowing communion among the congregation. The main entry path to the inner chapel is carved into the earth, sliding underneath the tiered seating of the courtyard. The path is guided by a long single slot of light, offering a spiritual pilgrimage that calms the mind and prepares the heart for the service. The third and final space, the central sanctuary, is revealed at the path’s culmination. Here, gentle luminance filters through the timber screens and the translucent glass tower, veiling outward views, compelling attention towards worship and the divine.

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